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MAGGI: Story of instant noodles in just 2 Minutes


Every Indian’s mouth turns watery after hearing the name of Maggie noodles. Maggie’s instant noodles changed the eating habits of Indian children.

The journey of the brand began in the 19th century. At that time, due to the industrial revolution in Switzerland, many women were working in factories. Because of this, they did not have much time to cook. To address this problem of women, the Swiss Public Welfare Society asked Julius Welfare to create a vegetable containing product that could be prepared quickly. In the year 1883, Julius created three formulas of instant soup, and from here began the journey of Maggie to become the superbrand of the world. Later in the year 1947, it became part of the Nestlé Company.

The funny thing is that Maggie Company did not invent instant noodles. In the year 1958, Momofuko Ando, the founder of Japan’s Nissin Food Company, created instant noodles. But the Nissin Company got too late to reach India and also suffered the consequences. Its distribution network in India has always proved to be downhill from Maggie. Maggie launched the first instant noodles in India and became the number one brand.

In 1982, when Maggie launched its 5 minutes noodles in the Indian market, the biggest problem for the company was how to popularize a different diet like Maggi in India’s traditional culture diet. Noodles are not considered healthy in India. That is why the company later tried to sell noodles with lentils, rice flour, etc. But they are not as popular as the ‘Masala Noodles.’

Maggie first kept in mind the comforts of professional women in their commercials. But, the advertising campaign was unsuccessful as the noodles fell into the snack category, and the Indian women were not ready to compromise on the health of their children. Thus, when it did not go against women, Nestlé India made young children their targets.

The kids were crazy about noodles. One of Maggie’s commercials impressed the general public very much. In that ad, the kid says, ‘Mommy, I am hungry,’ and Mom responds with a laugh, ‘Just 2 minutes.’ Due to these 2 minutes, Maggie became the largest brand of instant noodles in India. Later, for their brand extension, Maggie also launched tomatoes, ketchup, soup, pasta, etc. in the Indian market. But no other product could do such a miracle as Maggie. Today, India is the largest market for Maggi Noodles in the world.

Logo Story:

Maggie’s new logo might look a little skewed or weird. But it has been deliberately kept that way. Do you know how much this angle is? 2 degrees. The logo is also featured in the ‘In Just 2 Minutes Campaign’.

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