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List of Effective Marketing Collateral for your Brand in 2022

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List of Effective Marketing Collateral for your Brand in 2022

Is your brand quality great? Amazing! But, how will you communicate this to your target audience? An effective Marketing Collateral does this job for you.

A Marketing Collateral is a document or a Marketing Material that conveys your message in a creative way. The number of ways is there to market your message, and so are your Marketing Collaterals.

The market demands dynamic Marketing Materials that can evolve according to the changing times. So, it goes without saying, we require Digital Marketing Materials in today’s digitalized world where a single click can provide you with anything & everything.

Hence, the Marketing Collateral List consists of 2 types of Marketing Collateral Ideas-

  1. Modern
  2. Traditional

Still, confused little? Don’t worry. Some interesting Marketing Collateral Examples are waiting for you below, so just keep reading.

Modern Marketing Collaterals

1. Social Media Profile/Page

Global social media research summary 2020 says that 4.57 Billion people, more than half of the world, uses social media. The research itself is enough to point at the importance of the social media profile of your brand. You can provide relevant links here to make it easy to reach you.

Nike is a leading brand on Instagram with 119 Million followers.


Source: Instagram

The eye-catcher part of its profile is the hashtag that indicates its recent campaign “Black Lives Matter”.

2. Blogs/Articles

A blog is an answer to people’s questions related to any topic. Providing high-quality content in your blog increases the chance of getting more clicks to your landing page.

Don’t know what a Landing Page is? No worries, just keep scrolling.

If a job seeker searches for related keywords, he/she might click on the following LinkedIn blog.


PC: LinkedIn

3.Demonstrative Videos & Manuals

If your products aren’t typical and need some knowledge to use, then these are great digital marketing materials to make user experience trouble-free.

LG provides such tutorials in its support section.


Image courtesy: Lg.com

While HP comes up with instruction manuals in PDF format for various gadgets.


Source: Hp.com

4. Brand Story

This is an emerging concept in the marketing collateral list. Every brand has its own story of foundation and growth. An inspiring story creates a psychological impact that a consumer holds your hand with emotions.

Amul’s brand-story proves that this branding collateral is worth trying.


Source: Amul.com

5. white papers

This is a technical and thorough document about a specialized topic. It should be creative but simple, well-researched, and well-informed. It serves the learning purpose, over marketing.

Have a look at Tech Mahindra’s white papers.


Image courtesy: Tech Mahindra

6. case study

Want to show why one should choose you? Then, a case study is the best Marketing Collateral Idea. It is a manifesto of your performance which provided your customer with an elite solution.

Here’s how Bit.ly showcased a great user experience they achieved.


Source: Rightsourcemarketing.com

7. News Coverage

If you’ve done something newsworthy that the media got inspired to speak of you, then you must use this exposure as a Marketing Collateral Idea.

See how Yes Bank’s initiative got media exposure.


Photo courtesy: Brandequity.com

8. Reviews & FAQs

These two are common, but effective Branding Collateral when it comes to finally convince the prospect to be a buyer.

9. Sponsored Events Publication:

One, you can market by sponsoring a popular event. Or, you can set an example by picking up a neglected event and draw it to the limelight with your brand name.

10. Landing Page

A page that comes in front of your eyes whenever you click on an ad, is a Landing Page. It involves your intro in brief and relevant links, logos, and taglines.

SEMrush highlights the offer of free trial to get more users engrossed.


Source: SEMrush

11. CSR Offers

CSR [Corporate Social Responsibility] is a societal activity that brands conduct voluntarily to give something back to society.

Chevrolet sets one of the most unique Marketing Collateral Examples – offering a special discount to health care professionals.


PC: Chevrolet

12. Digital Reports

It is a shred of evidence including findings, lots of numerals, and financial figures to support your sayings.

Apollo presents its report with an attractive title.


Image courtesy: Apollo.com

13. Newsletters

This is nothing but simple letters containing information, sent via emails to the subscribers during specific intervals, in order to keep them continuously attached.

You can use this Marketing Collateral to introduce your products to prospects. However, newsletters are generally used to maintain the engagement of current consumers.

Adidas gives the option to sign up for newsletters on the corner of the home page itself.


Photo Courtesy: Adidas.com

Traditional Marketing Collaterals:

Following is the list of Marketing Collaterals which are traditional, but not outdated. They are still the game changers when it comes to offline marketing. And they are-

  • Brochures
  • Paper Ads
  • Pamphlets
  • Visiting cards 
  • Posters
  • Press Releases 
  • Letterheads

Simply, there is not a single Marketing Collateral to help you in every aspect. You need to know each alternative available and adopt the most suitable one according to your requirements. 

So, create collaterals and let them speak on behalf of you. 

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