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Mobile App Promotion: How, Why and examples 2022

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Mobile App Promotion: How, Why and examples 2022

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A mobile application enables customers to use your app while they are traveling or want to perform tasks quickly. Whether you want to use financial or productivity applications, everything is available at the click of a button.

Mobile app promotions are essential to increase the number of downloads of your app and the users.

How can one do mobile app promotions? Let’s take a look at some strategies.

1. Create a tutorial for beginners

 Creating a tutorial helps beginners use a mobile application efficiently. Users can know the various features of the application and the buttons that they have to press to do different tasks. A tutorial can be in the form of a video; or ask users to perform specific actions before the tutorial ends.

2. Promote your mobile app through blogs

 Blogs help you to reach a wide audience. You can offer monetary compensation to bloggers in exchange for them writing a blog post about your application. Your application can get more downloads, especially if an influencer writes about it.

3. Use social media

 Social media is the best way to catch the attention of your target audience. Make sure that you promote your application across social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. You can cross-promote through multiple social media channels to boost your visibility.

In today’s era, there are many forums online. Imagine going through a forum for marketers and discovering a new mobile application for marketers. Promoting on social media helps app developers to reach their target audience.

4. Organize giveaway contests

 Giveaway contests are a technique that help you get more followers across social media channels and help you become more well-known in the market. Contests have rules like following social media pages, tagging friends, and liking posts.

5. Offer discount coupons for app downloads

Applications like food delivery can offer customers discount coupons for downloading apps, such as through referrals. Magicpin is one example of an application that offers coupons and vouchers to users after they collect points. This helps users discover new apps in the market.

6. Hold a launch party to promote your application

A launch party is a live event that takes place to celebrate something new. During this event, the users can know about the application’s main features and receive special discounts.

7. Try paid advertisements


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If you use social media regularly, you may see paid advertisements. You can see them on Instagram in the form of sponsored posts or direct messages in your LinkedIn inbox.

Paid mobile app advertisements help you target people according to specific criteria. You can select the gender, profession, and location of your audience. This makes sure that you do not waste your expenditure. The mobile app advertisements will only reach people who may benefit from what you can offer your customers. LinkedIn and Google Ads are two ways through which businesses can advertise their application.

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8. Offer free trials

Imagine that you come across two productivity applications.

One application gives you a free trial option, whereas the other application does not give you a free trial.

Which application would you choose?

Most people would opt for the application that offers a free trial. Without it, a customer only has an application’s testimonials available to make his/her decision. A customer may believe that a trial reduces the risk of buying an application that does not meet the requirements.

9. Create presentations about your application

Imagine watching into a corporate office and hearing a speaker talk about a new application. You will know about the application through a television screen or a computer in front of you. Wouldn’t it excite you?


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You can create presentations about your mobile application and its unique selling point. This presentation can be shown at places like a company’s corporate office or business exhibitions.

10. Communicate with customers looking for solutions

Often, some users are looking for solutions to problems. For instance, people may ask questions about productivity applications on Quora. A company can talk about its productivity application to respond to a potential user’s query.

Which of the above strategies have you used to do mobile app promotions? Let us know in the comments below!

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