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Why you need an Impressive corporate profile (2020)

What is a company/corporate profile?


When you have a company or a brand, it needs to have a company profile. A company profile (also known as corporate profile) is a well-written summary of your business activities, products, and achievements. Word profile itself means ‘an outline of something.’ Here, we are talking about the outline of what your company is. A company profile generally includes information that can tell the reader key things about the company in short.

Writing a company profile can be tricky, you may want to write everything in it, but you shouldn’t. check out some company profile samples and company profile designs. Always consider your readers, your potential clients while thinking about your corporate profile. It is written for them, so it should be of interest. For this, you may need to understand basic things which go in any company profile, and there are some which you may not need at all. It depends on your company’s size and business industry. Let’s learn how to make a company profile.

Importance of a company profile

The significance of a corporate/company profile is twofold. It is useful for your potential clients. They can know everything important about you through your company profile. An informative and guiding company profile may impress them even before they contact you. Company profile is important for the brand as it is a systematic approach to recording your company’s information, products, and achievement. It shows what business you are in and why. With an appropriate approach to the company profile, you can always stay realistic in the representation of your brand.

How to write company profile

Writing a company profile is a careful task because it represents your company’s work in a body of texts. So, there are a few things one should follow while writing it. Company profile templates are useful. Please see them below:

Write what your business is about

When someone checks your company profile, most of the time they want to see if you can provide them a service or product or not. This makes it easy to decide your target audience. Always imagine it is your future clients. That means you have to show what your business is about, what are your products, what kind of services you provide, and any other details according to your industry.

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Tell them why you are in the business

There can be other companies doing the same type of business. That’s why a potential client may or may not choose you. Therefore, it is crucial to tell them why you do this business and how you are different in it. You need to have a value statement that can show how your company is unique. Writing this will also make your company profile very unique.

Make sure they contact you

New clients are hesitant, they don’t know whether they can trust you or not. If they are reading your company profile that means they are thinking about it. That’s why you have to make sure your writing pursues them to contact you. Some clients like to call directly, some are formal enough to write an email. Some may like to visit your office personally. Some may want to check casually about a product or service via text messenger apps. So, you must put all ways they can contact you and pursue them by writing phrases like ‘call us at’, ‘write us at’, ‘visit us at’ etc.

Show your potential

A service company is known for its clients. Don’t be shy to show for whom you work or have worked in the past. Show them your achievements and awards so they see that you are best among similar companies. Also, display your internal achievements which can make them see what your company is.

Company profile format

There is no definitive format for writing a company profile because it can be just two pages to several pages long. Here is an encompassing outline of a corporate/company profile. You can choose whatever suits your company:


  • Company’s name
  • Address 
  • Contact information

Descriptive elements

  • Your vision and mission statements
  • Description of your products and services
  • Industry information
  • Company’s history, growth, and expansion
  • Policies
  • Team members
  • Clients


  • Awards
  • Achievements
  • Special projects
  • Testimonials from clients
  • Appearance in news and media
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