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Sosyo: Gandhi inspired Whisky, rum, and soda-like drink

If there’s an Indian brand fighting against all odds to compete with giants like coca-cola and Pepsi then it must be Sosyo. If you drink sosyo with ice-cubes then it’ll give you heavenly pleasure.

Sosyo was established in Surat, Gujarat during Mahatma Gandhi’s Swadeshi movement. Mahatma Gandhi called for a boycott of foreign goods and because of that Mohsin Hazuri launched Sosyo as our answer to foreign drinks, especially European ‘Vimto’. The founder of the company Abdul Hazuri was marketing Vimto in India since 1923. 

At the time Prohibition was there in Gandhi’s civilized Gujarat. So, to attract both Alcoholic and non-alcoholic customers, they launched it by the name of “No-Whisky”. In the early days, Hazarat and Sons used to seal cola with marble stones. The current name of this popular drink derived from the Latin word ‘Socius’ meaning cultural.

According to a die-hard sosyo fan Dhiren Shah, ‘Sosyo is one such drink which tastes like alcohol. It was the only non-alcoholic drink which is the perfect mixture of Whisky, Rum, and Soda.’

Usha Kapadia is a Sosyo lover for the past 52 years. She says, ‘Sosyo is my favorite drink till day.’ If you ask Sosyo fan Niket to describe Sosyo in just one word then he would tell you that, ‘Sosyo is the first branded cola in India’.

Sosyo is made from grapes, Apple Cider (specially imported from Germany and Italy) ane blood building agents mixture. The secret of this confidential mix is preserved in the Sosyo plant, Surat. According to the current Plant administrator Abbas Hazuri, ‘Sosyo is the only drink which can be most helpful to digest your food’.

Every year more than 5 crore bottles of Sosyo are being sold in states like Gujarat, Maharashtra. In addition to this, Sosyo is exporting its product to countries such as the UAE, South Africa, New-Zealand, Europe, and America. Exported bottles proudly don the ‘Made In India’ badge with our tri-color flag.

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