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New Sponsored Content: Writing what your customer looking for

Sponsored content. Marketing concept

Day in day out, we are surrounded by content. Some are organics, some are paid ones! Yes, welcome to the world of Content. An ingredient which makes the world more spicy and exciting and meaningful. The right quality of Content is the core of any brand, without which the brand is not able to convey it’s USP in the market. However, since many years now we often hear words like; Paid post, Presented by, Sponsored by, Partnered with, Promoted, Affiliated with, Powered by and so on! These words largely indicate that the content produced is Sponsored Content.

In today’s Digital Era, Sponsored Content works big time. Let’s try to understand key aspects of Sponsored Content. It gives the prime and front space at the core front to the audience of the brand. Reasons are many but the main reason is it holds authentic information and it is the potent way of communicating to your target group exactly what you do.

What Exactly the Sponsored Content is?

Sponsored content is not just what gets printed on Page 3. Phew!!! It is premium content which the brand gives money to the publisher for releasing it. Instead of a traditional routine loud mouth advertisement, paid content provides more effectiveness and results. It looks like genuine and serious content.

Why is Sponsored Content immensely popular?

Sponsored content provides an essential feel of credibility; moreover, it looks even more trustworthy by placing it along the rest of the content in and around the media.

Sponsored content fuels the pleasure of reading instead of making them feel irr and away!

Building on the past – paid media is often punctuated and misleading while Sponsored content is one of the very rare and genuine ways to pay for coverage without disrupting the interest of people at large.

Sponsored content isn’t restricted to any limited type of media or any particular format.

Sponsored content is beneficial and helpful for both ends – a content creator (with a target group) gets funding and a product creator (who needs ‘right people’ to get consumers) gets a receptive audience.

The bottom line is that sponsored content is simple and lucid: Two brands jointly evolve a sponsored content partnership – the advertiser pays for the content, and another brand, influencer, or publisher shares it.

In today’s time, sponsored content exists everywhere. Across a plethora of media in a huge range of forms. Starting from the Newspapers to Social media, podcasts to printed articles, television commercials to radio spots and jingles, and of course now third party online portals and websites who deal with such sponsored content.

Core Difference between Sponsored Content and Routine Content

The difference between sponsored content and routine ATL BTL advertising is; Sponsored content is a type of routine advertising specific to a sponsored partnership between two brands as mentioned earlier above. Any Sponsored Content is routine advertising, but not all routine advertising can be considered as Sponsored Content. So, native or routine advertising involves Newspaper ads with brand elements, paid search results ads (Google Ads), and promoted listed advertisements. They carry basic elements like logo, three lines of content and address and contact details of the brand.

Formats of Sponsored Content

There are no fixed formats, however, they can be produced and executed in any format and style. They can be Instagram or Facebook Story, they can be infographics or write up, podcasts or a pinned post on Pinterest! The look and feel of the sponsored content are the same and just like any other content which gives the required genuineness and does not differentiate it abruptly from the rest of the content.

So, all in all, Sponsored Content gives visibility, brand value, traffic, impressions, lead and queries, brand awareness and of course conversions as well! On digital platforms, proper and relevant hashtags act as an ornament to give it more values.

Platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, LinkedIn, BuzzFeed and other eminent local digital players are all essential channels to publish Sponsored Content. Sponsored content places brands in front of consumers in most generous and not barged in ways. It expands the brand’s reach, builds trust, and enhances credibility.

How and in Which Ways?

People prefer familiar stuff. Sponsored content makes brands and products very much known and creates a preference for the brand. People have shown that they love to watch and follow social media platforms. They do a favour and prefer, and all passion they carry. When we experience sponsored content within the right amount and need, we get excited and feel involved with the brand itself.

Sponsored content is a powerful and phenomenal weapon for brands to take advantage of. Sponsored Content proves Game Changer when it comes to Content Marketing!

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