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Taj Mahal Tea: Spicy Journey from ‘Ah Taj’ to ‘Wah Taj’

The Indian advertising industry has witnessed a huge change in the last few decades due to factors such as the sentiments of the people and the economic condition of the country. Television commercial appears mainly by British and indian influence. At the time, many ads were under such heavy British influence while on the other hand, many ads were fully Indian. ‘Ah taj’ was one such ad to bring huge revolution in the Indian Advertising industry. In the late 70s taj was a brand without which our morning would have been incomplete. 

Earlier taj also used to design their advertising campaign around upper class. In those days, a model named Malavika Tiwari used to appear cycling and aerobics in taj advertisement because it was the symbol of the upper class. Taj was popular among middle class people as well. It was a golden opportunity for the company to connect with a large section of people across the country and establish a conversation. Taj came out of its own prejudice that it was a western brand and realized that it was an Indian brand as well in equal proportion. As soon as they came to realise this fact, the process of brand rejuvenation started and thus born ‘Wah taj’.

Making of the ad was such a mammoth task. Adman had to appeal to the country’s middle class while maintaining the elite image of the brand. The team started the research and for any tea lover, three things are very important: color, smell, and taste. Adman wanted to convey this very message that these three criteria have been applied to taj for years. The company chose the world-famous tabla master Zakir Hussain to convey this message to the people. 

They were shooting the ad in Agra near taj mahal and a large crowd of people had gathered out of curiosity. At the time nobody would recognize Zakir Hussain by his face so people were asking, ‘who’s coming? Who’s coming?’ so, Zakir went to them and he told them that ‘  da is on his way and I’m his younger brother’. After this more people gathered to watch the shoot and it started. Zakir husaain was shown with a kid playing tabla. Its ending was quite special when Zakir appreciated the kid by saying ‘wah! Ustad!’ and the kid replied saying, ‘are huzoor, wah! Taj! Boliye’.

Once the ad aired, Zakir hussain became famous in the whole country so much so that whenever appreciated him in concerts saying ‘wah ustad’, zakir used to reply ‘are huzoor, wah! Taj! boliye’.

Thus ‘wah! Taj!’ became a revolutionary ad.

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