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Taste of Kindness: Bhagat Tarachand

In the year of 1895, Tarachand Chawla started his small restaurant in Karachikarachi. His vision was to feed all of the hungry people irrespective of their financial or social status. At the time, people used to keep their accounts in a book at the restaurant. At month-end, those who were able to pay the sum would pay tarachand would forget about the rest of the people’s money. His generosity earned him the title of ‘Bhagat’. Later on, his restaurant became famous as ‘Bhagat Tarachand Restaurant’.

After the partition in 1947, tarachand came back to India. Here he started his first branch in Mumbai’s busy neighborhood Zaveri bazaar. This place attracts daily office employees. Great taste and fast service help them to reach their office on time. Most famous item of this place is ‘Chaas’ served in chilled beer bottles. Today they have more than 120 items in their only veg. menu. Their customers are mostly Gujarati, Marwari and Kutchi people. 

When Ramesh and his brother Prakash took over the business from his father in the late 60s, they changed a few things according to time. They included Gulab Jamun, Gajar ka halwa, and Rabdi in their menu. Accurate price with great quality always attract the people and help them to continue with the restaurant. Today the fourth generation of the family is managing the business and they spread their branched over across 25 different cities. 

Ramesh often tells this younger generation to run the business on their philosophy instead of just money. One such example is during the demonetization period, they feed all the people and told them to pay once they have money in a month or two. They assured that no one should return hungry from their restaurant.

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