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2021 Online promotion: Making more out of you website

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2021 Online promotion: Making more out of you website

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Many people refer to a website as a company’s real estate. Like a physical workplace, it helps the business to show its presence to its audience.

A website creates the first impression of a product/service in the mind of a prospective customer. Leaving a positive impression is something that every business wants to do.

How can a company do web promotions? Some ways are listed below.

1. Work on search engine optimization

Will you click on a link to a digital marketing agency that appears on the first page of Google search results or the tenth page?

You’ll probably click on a link that appears on the first page of the search results.

Most people only browse through the first few pages of the Google search results when they look for something online.

Without SEO, your website can get lost amongst the thousands of websites on the web. Our end goal is to enable people to locate the website through search engines quickly.

Use the appropriate keywords on your website. Use tools like Ubersuggest or Google Trends to identify the relevant keywords.

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2. Start a blog

Searching for hair care tips on the Internet will help discover a new saloon or a company that sells products for hair growth.

Start a blog about topics that are relevant to your business. For instance, a hair vitamin company can write blogs about hair care. These blogs will solve problems for their readers, and they can promote the company by linking to internal pages of the company’s website. For instance, a blog on “10 tips to maintain the quality of your hair” can end with a call-to-action button. This button can lead to a company’s “Our products” page.

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3. Promote your website on social media accounts

Imagine that a newly-launched website posts snippets of a few pages of its website on its social media accounts like Instagram.

Social media is the best way to supplement your online promotion efforts. It increases curiosity in the minds of your target audience about what your business has to offer.

4. Take advantage of email marketing

You can create a list of people who subscribe to your emails and tell them to check out your new website through promotional campaigns.

If you see a food coupon that is available on a company’s website, it will encourage you to browse it.

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Image Source: Photo by Stephen Phillips – Hostreviews.co.uk on Unsplash

5. Look for guest blogging opportunities

Imagine that you read a guest post about how a company grew its Instagram account within a short time. It positions the company as an expert in social media marketing. Guest blogging helps a company link to its website and attract more traffic to it.

6. Create content that adds value

Have you ever been attracted by a brand video or statistics on a company’s website?

If your answer is yes, you now know that the video or statistics were a part of its online promotion strategy.

There is a fierce amount of competition for a business when it wishes to work on website promotions. Creating a piece of content that will add value for the customer, like a whitepaper, report, or an ebook, will help a company. The content will encourage customers to learn more about the company. The company can establish its credibility.

7. Interview people to get more views

Imagine reading a company’s blog. The blog is about an interview with a well-known business owner. Will it encourage you to take a look at the company’s products/services? Probably.

When you interview an influencer, the chances are high that he/she will talk about your business on social media platforms. This will help you attract potential customers towards your website.

It’s important to remember that you must ask relevant questions. It’s important to not ask any questions whose answers one can Google easily. These questions will discourage people from reading your blog post.

Now that you know how to do web promotions, it’s time to implement these practices. How will your website grab attention in the eyes of your dream client? It’s time for you to decide!

Let your brand touch the sky of success

Be prepared to wait a while until your efforts pay off. But if you create the right SEO strategy, you are going to move up the rankings and gain more traffic. We love to do that on your behalf, Brand Bucket is there, to begin with.

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