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When gabbar distributed biscuits on TV

Sholey was a milestone in the Indian film industry. Along with it, Gabbar became the synonym of the word villain. The actor who played the famous role of Gabbar Amjad Khan rose to fame deservingly only. Soon after the film was released in 1975, Britannia brings Amjad khan in its ‘Glucose-D’ ads. In that ad film, just right after gabbar deliver his famous line ‘‘यहाँ से पचास-पचास कोस दूर जब बच्चा रात को रोता है तो माँ कहती है सो जा बेटे नहीं तो गब्बर आ जाएगा’, clip of him distributing the biscuits to kids show on tv. It was such a great contrast from an advertising point of view. Its punchline was ‘Gabbar ki Asli pasand’. Amjad khan became the brand ambassador of Britannia. It was the very first instance when a villain got featured in an ad film. The concept was super successful back in those days. No brand would dare to appoint a villain as their brand ambassador but Britannia did and the kids loved it. 

Few interesting facts about the ad:

Britannia paid 50,000 to Amjad khan for the ad film.

Ad film’s length was about 60 seconds and it was telecasted in over 500 theatres.

At the time, Rajesh Khanna was the only superstar who appeared in any ad film.

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