• February 26, 2020

Overcoming Writer’s Block with a Twist

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Overcoming Writer’s Block with a Twist

Overcoming Writer’s Block with a Twist

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You’re at your desk and have been staring at the blank screen or the blinking cursor. It feels like minutes, hours, days, and years when nothing comes to your mind. The deadlines are looming, and you’re still stuck without any idea how to move forward. There’s this weird feeling of dread, restlessness and everything becoming inaudible. You are clueless and find it hard to describe what you’ve been going through. This is nothing but being in the zone of writer’s block.

Writer’s block can be immensely tough. It can feel huge, nerve-wracking, and never-ending. As out-of-the-box writers are; the same applies to the issues faced by them. It is quite clear that it isn’t your everyday problem. Therefore, the solution can’t be the same old boring stuff. Here are those unusual solutions to keep the writer’s block away.

Time to Make a Move

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Don’t start running. Just take that load off your mind and divert it towards something else that makes you happy. By doing other things, we give a little break to our brains. This diversion old provides us with a chance to relax and then come back with better ideas to write. Listen to music, watch some videos, start drawing or anything that your heart fancies. This is a great way to break the cycle of being stuck and moving ahead.

Applaud Yourself

Don’t start clapping and invite those embarrassing stares. There are several other ways to do that. Writers often are too hard on themselves; they don’t feel they have done enough. On the contrary, they are often overworked and don’t even realize how much they have achieved. It always begins with thoughts such as writing only 200 words. I wish I could have written more than 1000 words and various other forms of criticism. The thing we forget is that we are 200 words closer to our goal or it’s great that we have completed 1000 words. One needs to understand that it’s essential to appreciate what one has done and keep pushing to get better. Rather than being judgemental, be proud of the efforts that you have taken.

Get Some Fresh Air

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Don’t know about you, but it’s just too frustrating to be sitting in the same room or desk without any contact with nature or air. At times, one doesn’t realize that you might spend hours and days indoors. It’s hard to expect creativity by being confined to that same seat and place. Go out and get some fresh breeze. Let that air enter your body, mind, and soul. Something as simple as this can be rejuvenating and feel magical.

Get Inspired

A great way to deal with this is to seek inspiration from the work of some of your favorite writers. Read their work, understand their flow, figure out their approach and just enjoy getting inspired by what others have done. This simple exercise can help you find a new pathway to follow and pump you up to write your best.

We are Humans

We need to understand that we are humans and not machines. If we keep writing, we all somehow will reach a stage where stagnation starts knocking on our door. It is essential to give rest to our brains. Go out somewhere, meet friends or family, enjoy that Netflix binge, and don’t feel guilty about it. This offers the brain a chance to heal. At times, you won’t realise, and you’ll be showered with 15 more ideas as compared to nothing.


There are days when we just can’t come up with something. Our brain refuses to work even at the speed of a snail. This can be quite irritating. Hence, rather than staring at the never-ending blankness that lies ahead, start disturbing everyone. Just kidding, what we meant was find someone around you with whom you can talk. Discuss your thoughts or ideas and listen to their feedback. Sometimes, even a simple conversation can bring up exceptionally brilliant ideas.

Time to be Anti-Social

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We know the love that a writer has for words, but there’s also this love for Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest. There’s nothing wrong in social media, but one needs to understand how addictive these platforms are. Without even realising, one would have spent hours on it. One cannot deny that it’s a great medium to connect, read and discover amazing things, but there have to be certain boundaries that need to be set. The goal is to be aware and know when to get away from these social media platforms. Once you’re done, you can always come back and enjoy as earlier.

Permit Yourself to Write Badly

For once, just let yourself free without any pressure of perfection. Allow yourself to write badly. The draft stage is all about writing anything and everything. It gives us a perspective of what we are supposed to write. Confused, doubtful, crazy, angry, happy, pen down all kinds of emotions in the form of words. Just keep writing without being critical. It is always better to write something than not to write at all. These poorly written drafts lead us to that final work that goes beyond our expectation. One needs to be consistent enough to continue writing.

Break the Rules

Following the same tried and tested pattern can be quite boring. To bring back that excitement and joy again, break some norms. Maybe start from an aspect that excites you even if it isn’t the beginning. Write the end or anything that seems fun and come to the other elements later. This way, it won’t seem uninteresting.

Find Your Way


These were some of the ways that could help one get past the writer’s block. It’s an inevitable truth that a writer cannot avoid these blocks completely. They will somehow keep erupting like the way Indian relatives do. It might not stop, but we can always come up with quirkier and crazier ideas to get over them. We hope that you enjoyed reading this blog and for more such blogs, keep following us.

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